Carmichael Espiritu


Carmichael Cruz Espiritu otherwise known as “Maike” was born on June 18, 1973 in Roxas City- Panay.  He lived most of his life in Cebu City and he is a hands-on and a devoted father to his 13-year old daughter & 6-year old son.

Maike graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Sciences at Cebu Doctors’ University & earned the Registered Nurse license from the Professional Regulations Commission. For some reasons he never practiced his profession however it came in handy at home & at places he gets destined.  His most meaningful working experiences are from San Miguel Corporation in Core Beer Sales & Training & as a Project OIC in a construction firm Cavite Ideal International Construction & Development Corporation.

In 2006 Maike experienced his first breaths underwater with Divemaster Rene Junio & very experienced scuba diver Fernando Jauregui. He never thought that the initial introduction to diving will change his life forever. He took formal classes in 2007 & finished Rescue & Divemaster training with Nitrox & Deep Diver specialties from PADI Instructor Jens Hofmann.

His interest in the DIR Hogarthian Philosophy & the Hogarthian Approach in diving inspired him to be devoted to the sport all the more. Ambient Culture, a group that encourages sound diving, care for all things aquatic & promotes DIR as a friendly community was founded by Maike and his oldest DIR buddies David Yu & Darwin Alvarez. One highlight for the group was the visit and the dives with Jarrod Jablonski and Casey McKinlay which increased the awareness & the interest to this method of diving among the local diving community.

Maike pursued formal classes from Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) & earn his Fundamentals of Tech Diving from Dr. Graham Blackmore. Under the instructions of Dr. Richard Walker, he passed his GUE Tech 1 Trimix & Decompression Diver levels.

His zeal to this particular diving led him to another like-minded agency, the Unified Team Diving (UTD). There, he met a very instrumental individual in his life, UTD Instructor Trainer Juan Luis G. Naval. With the unconditional support & confidence of Juan, AG, UTD Divers David, Darwin, AJ Tiu & Gino Baclayon, Maike successfully earned his UTD Instructor ratings with Andrew Georgitsis.

Maike’s interest with overhead environments moved UTD Instructor Trainer & Cave Instructor Chew Poh Chang & Juan Naval to help him finish his UTD Cave Diver rating.

Presently, Maike is an independent instructor and co-owner of Deep Stop with Juan & David, selling UTD Signature Series, Agir-Brokk & other select scuba diving equipment. He is also co-founder & member of UTD Cebu. On weekdays, he lives on Mactan Island to be close to the sea.

Maike dreams of having his own DIR friendly dive shop in the near future. This stand-alone dive facility will have a nice house reef, a coffee shop, a cozy resto-bar, 5 guest rooms, 2 VIP rooms, diver & equipment movers, parking & loaded with gas, equipment, cold beer & deep house music.

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