flag Stewardship comes with the privilege of diving the underwater caves. The environment is fragile at best. Guidelines are established and laws are promulgated in order to preserve these unique natural resources.


Since the discovery of Pawod Underwater Cave System in 2002, there has been lots of changes due to unregulated diving activities inside the cave. Some changes are detrimental to the preservation of this unique natural resourceRead more…

Read up on the guidelines before you get that gold-fever, you leprechaun, you!..Read more…

According to the Cave Classification Manual by the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau Department of Environment and Natural Resources Republic of the Philippines 2008, such caves after assessment may be classified as followsRead more…

2 thoughts on “Guidelines

  1. HI, I have a client from Florida by April 2015 and he wants to explore our homeland through cave diving explorations. May we humbly ask for contacts for professional diving guides and what are the permits or certifications he need to secure before he do so. I am a homebased mom and I dont have any idea in cave diving. I hope you can help me out. I would truly appreciate it.

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