The Pawod Underwater Cave System (PUCS) can be found in Barangay Agus, Maribago, Mactan Island, Cebu.

The following details were taken from the report made by the FCD for the PCSSD:

On May 2016, with support from the Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving (PCSSD), the PUCS was surveyed for above ground directionality with a total mapped distance of 258.42 meters, and with a general heading of 300 deg, representing a stick map conforming to the equivalent UISv1 4-0-C survey grade. Except for the first 39.20m from the entrance, most of the cave passageways are narrow with low ceilings.

PUCS water can be classified as both Class B and C through several analyzed parameters. Concentrations of phosphate, nitrate and BOD readings classify the water as Class C (used for aquaculture purposes, boating and for other industrial services) while concentrations of fecal coliform place it under Class B (Recreational Water Class 1 – for primary contact recreation such as bathing, swimming, skin diving, etc. Particularly designated for tourism purposes).
The salinity readings indicate that the water is brackish in nature and that there is a possibility of a connection to the nearby sea. The porous nature of the limestone cave may also indicate saltwater intrusion to some degree.

Heavy metal levels (Mercury, Cadmium, Copper and Lead) in the water were at negligible levels despite the cave entrance being approximately 15m from the circumferential highway with no barriers from run-off. Currently, Pawod Cave is being used by locals for bathing and for recreation.


Source: A Preliminary Biophysical and Resources Assessment of the Pawod Underwater Cave System (PUCS), August 2016

Prepared For: The Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving (PCSSD)


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