Don’t Kill The Goose!

The FCD first explored Lake Carolina last June 20-21, 2019 and was deeply impressed by its natural beauty and its challenging underwater cave system. Unfortunately, this majestic site is under serious threat. To understand the situation: There are 2 property owners with claims to the use of the Lake Carolina. The property closest to the … Continue reading Don’t Kill The Goose!

Permanent Line-Laying Guidelines

Document Objective: To promote consistency and serve as a guide in the installation of system lines by the Filipino Cave Divers. Introduction: As part of a series of articles, this segment outlines the preferred method for the installation of permanent system lines in the underwater cave systems in and around the Philippines. Through its membership … Continue reading Permanent Line-Laying Guidelines

Exploring The Olympic Pool

Rapid Cave Assessment: Olympic Pool of the Bluewater Cave System Baggao, Cagayan Province 18.0207° N, 121.9978° E March 6-10, 2019 The Philippine Speleological Society (PSS) held their 19 th Annual Cave Congress in the Municipality of Baggao, Cagayan Province. Several caving groups such as GAIA Exploration Club, Tayabas Caving and Outdoor Club, Sierra Madre Outdoor … Continue reading Exploring The Olympic Pool

Signs of Trouble in Casili

When the Casili Underwater Cave System (CUCS) was first explored on Aug. 23, 2011 by the late Dr. Alfonso Amores and Bernil Gastardo, they saw a lush, tranquil environment adjacent to a flowing river. Along the banks of the spring and the river, thick foliage and expansive acacia trees gave the visitors a visually appealing … Continue reading Signs of Trouble in Casili

The Pawod Underwater Cave System

The Pawod Underwater Cave System (PUCS) can be found in Barangay Agus, Maribago, Mactan Island, Cebu. The following details were taken from the report made by the FCD for the PCSSD: On May 2016, with support from the Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving (PCSSD), the PUCS was surveyed for above ground directionality with a … Continue reading The Pawod Underwater Cave System

The Malaog Cave Underground River

The Municipality of Sampaloc, Quezon Province through the Regional Cave Committee, IV-A requested a preliminary assessment of the Malaog Cave Underground River. This was held from the 1st to the 2nd of August. FCD members, Jackie Genuino and Juan Naval joined the representatives from GAIA, CENRO-Pagbilao, DENR and the Tourism team of the LGU. Overview: … Continue reading The Malaog Cave Underground River

Do Not Risk Your Life

Agus, Mactan Nov-22-2017 A disturbing situation at the Pawod Underwater Cave System (PUCS) was encountered today by an FCD Member. As per the report, the Member was aghast to know that the 3 divers (as shown in the photo) were diving the cave in recreational diving configuration; each person was diving with only 1 back-mounted … Continue reading Do Not Risk Your Life

Fellow Cavers, Talk To Us

The Filipino Cave Divers strongly encourages all cave divers/ teams who are planning to visit the cave systems we've explored to communicate with us before and after exploring the area. Doing so will satisfy the following points: 1. We can give advise on the interesting and fragile aspects of the chosen site; 2. We will … Continue reading Fellow Cavers, Talk To Us

Public Awareness for Springs & Caves

During the June 2017 Surigao Exploration, FCD Jake Miranda donated to Barangay Officials several tarpaulins with Do's and Dont's for the local community to follow in order to maintain the prisitine condition and the peaceful ambience of their water resource. The simple reminders were the following: 1. No defecating or urinating. 2. No lifeguard on … Continue reading Public Awareness for Springs & Caves

A Successful Cave Clean-Up

After 3 days of hard work which was from July 25-27, 2017, the Clean-Up Team was able to remove 21pcs. of concrete blocks from deep inside the Pawod Underwater Cave System (PUCS). Additionally, 200 meters of line were replaced and the main chamber was given a new guide line that follows a more systematic path … Continue reading A Successful Cave Clean-Up