During the June 2017 Surigao Exploration, FCD Jake Miranda donated to Barangay Officials several tarpaulins with Do’s and Dont’s for the local community to follow in order to maintain the prisitine condition and the peaceful ambience of their water resource.

The simple reminders were the following:

1. No defecating or urinating.

2. No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk. Please supervise children.

3. No jumping or diving from platform, trees or banks.

4. Leave no trash behind, no toxic chemicals.

5. No loud music or noise, no drinking alcohol.

6. No fishing, no campfire.

The recommended measures are in line with a DENR administrative order on the preservation of caves.

NO DEFECATING OR URINATING. Such signs if used in other communities are seen to help lower E. Coli levels and prevent schistosomiasis infection in water-filled caves.

FCD assists local communities in raising awareness among their constituents of the importance of clean and pristine water bodies in inland ecosystems.

The FCD is working on getting more tarpaulins printed for distribution to the local government units that have springs and caves within their borders.


Article by:

Bernil Gastardo and Jake Miranda

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