File Photo: FCD Jake Miranda conducting a report to the Brgy. Captain of Malixi, Surigao del Sur.

The Filipino Cave Divers strongly encourages all cave divers/ teams who are planning to visit the cave systems we’ve explored to communicate with us before and after exploring the area. Doing so will satisfy the following points:

1. We can give advise on the interesting and fragile aspects of the chosen site;

2. We will be updated on any physical changes that may require the attention of the Local Government Units (LGU) of which we are in direct communication with;

3. We can expedite to the attention of the National Cave Committee (NCC) any pressing concerns since we are a member of the said committee;

4. Any new discoveries (flora, fauna, tunnel, etc.) are considered by the FCD as public information since all sites are considered territories of the Philippines and any such discoveries should benefit the public.

We will appreciate your cooperation. Let us help each other protect the underwater cave systems of our country for the next generation.

Appropriate credits will be given when we publish your report/s.


For & behalf of the FCD,

Bernil H. Gastardo
Bernil H. Gastardo

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