By Doc Amores

One of the biggest earthquakes to hit the Visayas region shook up the entire area on October 15, 2013 at 8:12AM. It registered intensity 8 to 9 in Bohol where the epicenter was some 6 km from the town of Sagbayan, to intensity 7 to 8 in the Cebu area.

Pawod! On our last dive in Pawod before the earthquake, some minor rock falls were noted inside the Bernillian Tunnel. This is the lone tunnel that branches out for a good 120 or more meters northward from Doc’s Chamber. If something would have happened due to the earthquake, it would be in the tunnel section.

FCD is happy to report that this expedition/survey of January 20, 2014, composed of FCD’s Lyndon Cubilan, Jaime Lapac, Andy Berame and Doc Amores, did not show any significant damage. Bernillian tunnel is open all the way to the bottom of “The Well”.


Click the image for a short video presentation.

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