flag Our group looks forward to partnering with other intrepid explorers, scientists, non-profit organizations, national agencies, local government units, enacted bodies and environmental committees as we explore, study, document and preserve these equally-important but less-noticed wetland ecosystems-the underground rivers and underwater caves of the Philippines.

 You can browse our posted articles and reports by the following categories:

DSC_3538Explorations and TravelOver the short time FCD has been around, a lifetime of Explorations are rapidly accumulating. This section chronicles the group’s Explorations..into places nobody’s cave light has shone before. 

wasan032513016Science and SkillsCave diving is a technical activity for technical people. The articles herein reflect FCD’s sincere attempt at respecting what the unique underwater cave environment does offer to Science.

bababu1GuidelinesThe environment is fragile at best. Guidelines are established and laws are promulgated in order to preserve these unique natural resources.

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