Lourdes AlejanDes completed a degree in Geology at the University of the Philippines Diliman. After graduation, she worked for Philex Mining Corporation where she has been assigned to different project sites such as the underground mine in Padcal, Benguet.

As an exploration geologist, she spent four years in the exploration and opening of the Silangan Copper-Gold Mine in Surigao del Norte. She also specialized as a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Officer, ensuring the integrity of assays and data for use in the mineral resource estimation of the company’s different projects.

Des always loved an adventure; and as much as she likes metals and mountains, it’s her love affair with the beach and the open sea that really drives her.

She did a number of discovery dives since 2010 prior to her certification in 2013. After initial training, her mentor, Jake Miranda, took her to her first introductory cavern dive in Lake Bababu in Surigao, reinforcing her interest in exploring underwater tunnels

Des recently joined another mineral exploration company based in Davao and aside from exploring dive sites in the area; she also spends her time teaching a few geology subjects in the University of the Southeastern Philippines.

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