Above-Water Video & Photo Documentation Officer:

Alec TotingA keen PADI Advanced Diver who has been diving steadily since 2009, Alec was instrumental in the team’s underwater video documentation of the 1st Casili Spring Exploration back in 2011. He continued his unwavering support to the organization during the rigorous planning and execution of the successful initial expo that FCD attended, which was the World-Dive Exhibition and Expo Philippines (DEEP) held on April 2013 in the Shangri-La Mactan Island Resort.

Alec is the IT Manager of Smart Communications for the greater Visayas area. During his spare time when not diving, he conducts photo and video shoots of beautiful women in exotic beach settings. His interest in videography has recently been ignited and his current equipment acquisition among others is a 3MOS Panasonic AG- AC90P Camcorder capable of capturing full HD 1920×1080 resolution videos.

The FCD is committed to expand the public’s consciousness to the pulchritude that is revealed in every expedition. With Alec’s presence, the team’s capacity to document the encompassing sights (and sounds) of the explored areas is enhanced.

Local Government Units (LGUs) can benefit from Alec’s expertise as the FCD will donate professionally edited videos and photos for advertisements. Social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube will be utilized to increase the efficacy of reaching a wider potential market, bringing to international attention the allure each municipality offers.

Furthermore, the thrust will greatly support the endeavor of communities to protect the natural beauty and wonder of their environment as increased and sustained tourist stream will render alternative livelihood to individuals and to groups that will venture into the tourism vocation.

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