alexFrom Manila, Alex first experienced scuba diving in a pool using his uncle’s equipment when he was only 9 years old. Awakened to the possibilities beyond just breathing on land, he saw another part of the world waiting to be explored. He was 14 when he started investigating the shallow depths of Batangas (Nasugbu, Calatagan and Anilao).

In 1991 he reached the top NAUI level when he became a recreational diving Instructor Trainer at the Guam U.S Naval Base. On the same year he started technical diving. Using improvised twin-sets with his good friend Dexter Ledesma, they started going deeper and longer and in 1992, Alex was certified TDI technical diver in Guam.

The lure of more adventures brought Alex to the North Florida freshwater caves where he earned his IANTD cave diving certificate in 1993.

As a trained cave diver, he went on with his buddies to discover several sites around the Philippines, all the way from Luzon (Mapating Deep in Batangas, Blue Lagoon and Tumbali in Tuguegarao), Visayas (Bohol, Leyte and Palawan area) and Mindanao (Hinatuan Enchanted River).

He recounts that his most awesome cave experience was when he discovered the chamber in Mapating Cave, Batangas at a depth of 60 meters with buddies MG Ebro and Al Filart.

Alex is currently an IANTD Cave Instructor, Trimix and Technical Wreck Instructor Trainer and the CEO of Philippine Technical Divers- PHILTECH ( He is credited in the industry as the one who invoked the growth of technical diving in Asia.

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