The primary focus of the Filipino Cave Divers (FCD) is the exploration, survey and subsequent protection of underwater cave systems in the Philippines.

A National Cave Committee (NCC) member since 2016, the organization is very active in the discoveries and explorations of underwater cave systems and to date, there is no other organization like the FCD that exists in the country. It was established in the late 2012 with the initiatives of Jake Miranda, Dr. Alfonso Amores (†) and Bernil H. Gastardo.

The group is continuing the legacy of Dr. Amores who discovered in 2001 the Pawod cave system in Mactan- Cebu. Alex Santos, the country’s pioneering Filipino technical cave diver who forayed into underwater caves in Luzon and Mindanao in the 1990s, is on the Executive Board of the FCD.

FCD members are composed of individuals from different educational backgrounds and various technical and cave diver training agencies/providers that are bound together by the spirit and passion for explorations. The current members of FCD include, among others, scientists, doctors, geologists, biologists, photojournalist, underwater videographers and photographers

Even before the formal establishment of the FCD, its members (mainly self-funded) were instrumental in the discovery, exploration and mapping of several sites in the Philippines.

To wit:

Several more caves in Mindanao have since been discovered and explored:

FCD hopes to provide valuable technical information about these caves as basis for cave conservation while ensuring ecologically sound recreational/adventure experience, which will benefit not only cave divers but also local communities.

To contact us, please email filipinocavedivers@gmail.com

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12 thoughts on “The FCD

  1. Hi I am interested in diving in Hinatuan Enchanted River.I am a cave diving instructor based in cebu. I wonder if I can join your next expedition. thanks a lot.

  2. Hi, I read that you provide Cave training by inviation only. I am technical diver, Tech 50, yet not an experienced one (15 tecnhical dives only, 2 to 60m). I was always dreaming about cave diving and would like to take on such challange. Are you also considering taking up students with such a little experience? Currently I live in Hong Kong so just around the corner.

  3. Hi, I still did not receive the application to fill. I am still looking forward to that. Thanks!


    1. Sorry, Chris. Due to some unforeseen events, we have temporarily suspended membership acquisition. We have your messages and contact info on file. We will contact you as soon as our objective to acquire additional members is back in focus. Best regards.

      1. Hi Guys

        Did you perhaps already resumed the membership acquisition? I have heard about the reasons to suspend the membership acquisition and I hope you guys are coping well.

        Best wishes,


      2. Thank you for your message, Chris. We are slowly getting back on track. We have a couple of projects that were resumed and some being set-up which is keeping us busy. As for membership acquisition, that is still in suspension until we have finalized and installed certain protocols. We hope to resume the acquisition early next year We do appreciate your continued interest in the FCD. Best regards!

  4. Hi filipino cave divers!

    this is toni dygico from gma network inc. I am part of the show, AHA! Hosted by drew arellano every sunday morning. Currently we are working on an underwater episode. Part of one segment is to feature underwater photography. It is in this light that we ask if you’re team could help us. We are setting up a underwater shoot featuring underwater photographers tomorrow or wednesday. If anyone would be interested for the feature you may reach me at tonidygico@gmail.com and my mobile 09063683124 for faster communication. Thank you and hopefully you’d consider!

  5. Hello FCD, so glad to have found ur website, this Sam from the Philippines Underwater Archaeology Society PUWAS, I would like to get ur contact and send an introduction email discussing our partnership options, we based in Manila, plz let me know how to reach u, Im sure we can cooperate on many different levels, u guys are doing great, thanks for the effort. Cheers.

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