jasperInsatiable thirst for adventure — At a young age Jasper used to camp in the mountains for days, investigating every nooks and crannies, and enjoying what nature has to offer.  It fuels the fire in him… the passion to explore.

In 2008 he started working as professional journalist, his work brought him to places that feeds his hunger for adventure, and eventually led him to SCUBA diving.

First breath underwater — Mid of 2013 Jasper took a SCUBA diving course with the Philippine Coast Guard, and after his first open water dive, and breathing a gas mix of God knows what, he recounts asking his instructor “how could I make this my profession?”

A month after earning his Open water diver certificate, he quits his day job and diverted all his time and effort to pursue a career in SCUBA diving.

Passion and dedication — his drive to be a better diver led him to the two of the best instructors in the industry who mentored him from recreational diving to technical diving, and to becoming a dive professional.

One thing led to another, he found himself exploring caves and wrecks, doing several job contracts as commercial diver, research diver in environmental projects, and leading dives for a TV network’s water-related documentaries.

Discipline and right mindset paved his way to become a member of PHILTECH DIVERS, and with sweat, blood and tears he earned his instructor rating in mid of 2016.

Jasper is currently based in Manila and Anilao where he teaches scuba diving and mentoring dive professionals. He is also an advocate of the “loved one” concept; it is only those he would trust to dive with his loved ones will graduate at any level and especially so for leadership certification.