Lyndon CubillanLyndon was Surigao’s first intrepid diver.

With a keen sense for adventure, he is credited to have discovered most of Surigao’s underwater treasures. Early 2000s he helped discover and develop two of Surigao’s best reefs, Cantrasa Shoal with Lars Grepstad, and Cagtinae Reef. In 2012, he went inside Lake Bababu’s lakeside-entrance and unraveled the country’s longest underwater traverse at 700 meters of fully-submerged cave.

He is also Surigao’s go-to recovery diver, helping in the retrieval operations of the ill-fated M/B Leonides II in 2006, and the ill-fated M/V St. Thomas of Aquinas in 2013.

More than any local diver, he has appeared in numerous TV shows and documentaries.

Lyndon, is an advanced NAUI diver with layers of experience rivaling the best of scuba professionals. He is a PADI TecRec diver. He is also a trained cave and wreck diver. He has done almost everything: dived cave sumps, new and ancient wrecks, gone to the Tubbataha reefs twice and Guam’s best spots, swam with whalesharks and even pilot whales.

He is happily married to a lovely wife and blessed with two wonderful sons. Lyndon enjoys driving his family to the countryside, and finding new waters to dive.

Today he continues to inspire others to dive in Surigao, and to love everything about the underwater world.

He is a true Filipino Cave Diver.

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