Ram Yoro

Growing up in the coastal city of Iloilo, Ram started frequenting the ocean at a young age with family and friends. His early exposure to the underwater world instilled in him a deep love and appreciation of the sea.

When he migrated to Manila for university and work, the longing for the ocean never left him. Thus, after earning a degree in Marketing Management with De La Salle University and briefly working in the corporate world, he pursued his passion and became a full-time scuba instructor. From then on, his love affair with the ocean became more intimate, leading him to pursue underwater photography with the purpose of sharing the hidden beauty of the sea to the world.

After garnering multiple awards in photography, Ram eventually got introduced to technical diving in pursuit of more photographic opportunities. Since then, he has been actively exploring and documenting wrecks and underwater caves. With the same passion and mission for his craft, Ram is determined to explore and visually document the wrecks and underwater cave systems of the Philippines to learn from them, to share them, and to urge for their preservation.

Ram is currently based in Anilao where he teaches scuba diving and underwater photography. He is also an advocate of reef conservation and conducts coral propagation workshops. He spends his free time with his daughter and wife.

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