The Magnificent Lake Carolina

The placid looking Lake Carolina of Baganga, Davao Oriental is no mere shallow beauty. Beneath its beguiling, crystal clear surface hides a deep and circuitous underwater cave system. The FCD explored its depths on June 20-21, 2019 with the kind permission & support of the property caretakers, Sir Pablo Pabaonon and Ma’am Wilma Monday. Measuring … Continue reading The Magnificent Lake Carolina

A Deep Beauty Under Threat

Lightly explored by FCD Jake Miranda to a depth of 15 meters fresh water on September 7, 2016, the Tarusan Spring cave system held more depths for discovery.  Revealed to Gastardo and Miranda during the June 20, 2017 exploration was the knowledge that the underwater cave system goes further and deeper than 31 meters/ 102 … Continue reading A Deep Beauty Under Threat

Exploring a Jungle Coral Reef

Located in the peaceful and sleepy barangay of Malixi,Tagbina- Surigao del Sur, Katinuan Spring was initially explored and lined by FCD Jake Miranda on Sept. 2016. The spring is fed with water from the Tagbina Watershed and adjacent to it is the meandering river of Hinatuan. The June 19, 2017 exploration by Miranda and Gastardo … Continue reading Exploring a Jungle Coral Reef

Rapid Source Assessment: Bababu Lake of Dinagat Islands

On April 17-20, 2015, the FCD-USC-DENR-GIZ will conduct the last leg of the Rapid Assessment of Terrestrial and Aquatic Biodiversity Survey on Lake Bababu, Dinagat Islands. Bababu Lake, 10.074197°N, 125.509106°E, is in Barangay Basilisa, Dinagat Island- Province of Dinagat Islands. It is accessible from Surigao City via a 1.5 hour boat ride. The lake is … Continue reading Rapid Source Assessment: Bababu Lake of Dinagat Islands

Hinatuan Enchanted River Underwater Cave System (HERUCS) Rapid Source Assessment

The Hinatuan Enchanted River,  8.458886°N, 126.354667°E is in Barangay Talisay, Hinatuan Municipality, Surigao del Sur, Caraga Region (Region XIII). It is accessible from both Butuan City (2.5 hour vehicle ride) and Surigao City (4 hour vehicle ride). This particular river starts from the underwater cave entrance at 30 meters depth, forms into a spring pool, … Continue reading Hinatuan Enchanted River Underwater Cave System (HERUCS) Rapid Source Assessment

Balamban’s Casili Underwater Cave System

The Casili Underwater Cave System (CUCS) is located in Barangay Arpili- Balamban [10.441806°N, 123.711667°E]. It was initially explored by FCD members Bernil, Doc Amores and Alec Toting on Aug. 23, 2011. Subsequent explorations by the 2-man team of Gastardo and Amores have determined the underwater cave’s deepest point at 40 meters/ 130 feet. The present … Continue reading Balamban’s Casili Underwater Cave System

The 6th Casili Spring Exploration 2012

6 down, a few more trips to go–from the looks of it..


“Holy Mother!!” — I cringed, turned my head away and shut my eyes as a snake-like form lunged from the dark mouth of the Casili Spring and slithered towards me.

“If this thing decides to bite me, I’m just darn out of luck!”, I thought as the serpentine creature came within kissing distance.

Thankfully, it was not hungry or in a biting mood since Doc and I finned away unscathed from our first encounter of the fabled freshwater eel that the spring is named for. “Casili” after all is the local word for eels that thrive in rivers and springs.

The approximately 1 meter/ 3ft eel of robust girth (size probably gained from feeding on tadpoles and toads) was seen again observing us from the muddy ledge of the Gold Mine Chamber. It must have been attracted to the lights because it approached within touching distance. Its curiosity sated, it left and…

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