Thank you, PCSSD!

The Filipino Cave Divers (FCD) expresses its appreciation and acknowledgement for the efforts of the Philippine Commission on Sports SCUBA Diving (PCSSD) for its initiatives and its support for the advancement of divers' safety and in the exploration and sustainability of important ecosystems with high tourism potentials. The FCD is proud to have participated and … Continue reading Thank you, PCSSD!


"A jewel in our midst" - FCD Bernil on Pawod. Pawod, by the fact that it was left undisturbed until its discovery by Doc Amores in 2002, is a repository of timeline changes in the history of Mactan Island..changes accumulated over thousands and maybe millions of years. There are many observations that need scientific cataloguing. … Continue reading PAWOD – A JEWEL IN OUR MIDST

How are underwater caves formed?

Most caves are formed in limestone rock. Calcite (calcium carbonate) is the main mineral of limestone.1. Throughout time, rainwater seeps into the cracks and pores of the ground. This rainwater which absorbs carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, (and takes more carbon dioxide as it drains through soil and decaying vegetation), becomes a weak carbonic acid … Continue reading How are underwater caves formed?