Don’t Kill The Goose!

The FCD first explored Lake Carolina last June 20-21, 2019 and was deeply impressed by its natural beauty and its challenging underwater cave system. Unfortunately, this majestic site is under serious threat. To understand the situation: There are 2 property owners with claims to the use of the Lake Carolina. The property closest to the … Continue reading Don’t Kill The Goose!

A Journey of Discovery

The Filipino Cave Divers (FCD) has been contracted to take the lead in an exciting and pioneering project called the "Assessment of Terrestrial and Aquatic Biological Diversity in Selected Aquatic Cave Systems"! This ground- breaking endeavor which will be undertaken with FCD's scientific partner, the University of San Carlos- Biology Department, is under the close … Continue reading A Journey of Discovery

How are underwater caves formed?

Most caves are formed in limestone rock. Calcite (calcium carbonate) is the main mineral of limestone.1. Throughout time, rainwater seeps into the cracks and pores of the ground. This rainwater which absorbs carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, (and takes more carbon dioxide as it drains through soil and decaying vegetation), becomes a weak carbonic acid … Continue reading How are underwater caves formed?