Biophysical Survey of the Enchanted River: A Scientific Report

Foreword by Ms. Ethel Wagas: This article is an output from FCD’s project entitled “Rapid Resource Assessment of Four Philippine Underwater Cave Systems”, funded by The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) under the PAME Project, in partnership with the Department of Biology of the University of San Carlos and the local government unit of … Continue reading Biophysical Survey of the Enchanted River: A Scientific Report


(This is a rather lengthy article. However, this may serve as reference to any questions regarding the legality of activities in and around the Pawod Underwater Cave system) Since the discovery of Pawod Underwater Cave System in 2002, there has been lots of changes due to unregulated diving activities inside the cave. Some changes are detrimental … Continue reading PAWOD AND RA 10066


"A jewel in our midst" - FCD Bernil on Pawod. Pawod, by the fact that it was left undisturbed until its discovery by Doc Amores in 2002, is a repository of timeline changes in the history of Mactan Island..changes accumulated over thousands and maybe millions of years. There are many observations that need scientific cataloguing. … Continue reading PAWOD – A JEWEL IN OUR MIDST

What’s up with the logo?

The Filipino Cave Divers' logo is a line arrow marker with the Philippine flag's colors, sun and stars incorporated into the design. It signifies our commitment to advance our knowledge database of what DENR-PAWB Director Theresa Mundita S. Lim, PhD calls "these equally-important but less-noticed wetland ecosystems-the underground rivers and underwater caves of the Philippines". … Continue reading What’s up with the logo?

The 6th Casili Spring Exploration 2012

6 down, a few more trips to go–from the looks of it..


“Holy Mother!!” — I cringed, turned my head away and shut my eyes as a snake-like form lunged from the dark mouth of the Casili Spring and slithered towards me.

“If this thing decides to bite me, I’m just darn out of luck!”, I thought as the serpentine creature came within kissing distance.

Thankfully, it was not hungry or in a biting mood since Doc and I finned away unscathed from our first encounter of the fabled freshwater eel that the spring is named for. “Casili” after all is the local word for eels that thrive in rivers and springs.

The approximately 1 meter/ 3ft eel of robust girth (size probably gained from feeding on tadpoles and toads) was seen again observing us from the muddy ledge of the Gold Mine Chamber. It must have been attracted to the lights because it approached within touching distance. Its curiosity sated, it left and…

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Lake Tiktikan

By Jake Miranda|April 22, 2013, (Doro the Explorer) One of the more popular tourist spots in Mindanao this summer is Sohoton Cove. This hidden lagoon of limestone rocks is the well-advertised attraction of Bucas Grande island in the province of Surigao del Norte, Philippines. Its popularity is second only to nearby Siargao island. However, there … Continue reading Lake Tiktikan

A Dive From The Sea and Out To The Lake (Exploring Lake Bababu)

The 6th Lake Bababu Underwater Cave Expedition By Jake Miranda, TDI This article is dedicated to my dear cousin, Dr. Edgar Vincent “Gagay” T. Miranda, who passed away last January 21, 2013. One of the most exciting things you can do in your life is go cave diving in Lake Bababu. Traverse the whole length … Continue reading A Dive From The Sea and Out To The Lake (Exploring Lake Bababu)